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Take Heart! Women of All Ages, It’s Urgent That We Learn These Facts About Heart Disease

Did you know that every year, an estimated 485,000 American women die of cardiovascular disease (heart disease and stroke), more than twice the number who die of all forms of cancer combined?   So why is it, then, that most of us worry more about cancer than we worry about our hearts?

As a wellness expert, I get to work with all kinds …Continue Reading »

Celebrate International No Diet Day! 5 Tips for a Happy Body and Healthy Weight

Did you know that today is International No Diet Day?  Since 1992, May 6 has been declared the day to celebrate body acceptance and body shape diversity, and to increase awareness of the dangers of diets.  Predominantly celebrated in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, India and Israel (who knew?), INDD emphasizes the following: 1) …Continue Reading »

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