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Media Appearances (Partial List : National Television/Print/Online)

The Today Show: “The Secret to Finding Success”


The Ricki Lake Show: “Stressed Out to the Max!”

click here to watch Dr. Biali Haas coach a stressed couple

Fielding audience questions w. Dr. Sara Gottfried


The Marilyn Denis Show: “If You Eat Fast Food, Save Calories”

marilyn food shot


The Medical Post (cover story/profile)

Med Post coverMed Post Soothe Sayer “How to Eat Less Sugar, Based on Your Personality” “Expert Tips for Changing Your Career”

Cosmopolitan Magazine Happy Hour Podcast: “Mental Health” (iTunes July 11/16)

The Chicago Tribune: “Social Graces” series (Spanish): “Asi Puedes Encontrar Tu Vocacion Laboral” (Finding Your Vocation)

Elle Magazine: “5 Ways to Prevent Burnout”

New York Post: “Robin Williams’ Demons”

New York Post: Why Brad and Angelina Finally Wed” “How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others, According to Experts”

Real Simple: “How To Have a Positive Attitude in 9 Frustrating Situations”

Real Simple: “Managing Your Child’s Stress”

Real Simple: “My Kid’s Got Talent!”

Fast Company: “How to Finally Do the Things You Should Be Doing”

Men’s Health: “How Your Favorite Hobby Could Add Years to Your Life”

Business Insider: “DJs Say Their Mental Health is Being Damaged by the Brutal Pressures of the Music Industry”

The Shorthorn: “Fight Burnout By Identifying and Preventing the Causes’

NBC “When Stress Hits, You Default Into ‘Coping Combos'”

InStyle: “Keep Calm & Holiday On” “Road Warriorette Business Traveler Interview – Dr. Susan Biali”

Psychology Today: Dr. Biali’s Prescriptions for Life Blog

Daily Record (UK): 11 Top Tips to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

The Daily: “How We Sabotage Our Wellness” (click to watch video clip)

The Marilyn Denis Show: “Live Happy”

“What She Said” Radio: Work, Stress & Burnout (click to listen to 10 min segment)


People Stylewatch

First for Women

Ladies Home Journal




Martha Stewart Living

Women’s Health


Complete Wellbeing (India) – cover story








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