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Help your group to reduce their stress levels, prevent burnout, and live more resilient lives.


Are your people feeling overwhelmed by life?

Are they finding it hard – or impossible – to balance their work lives with their personal lives?

Are their health, moods, and energy levels being negatively impacted by stress and pressure?

Are they at risk for burning out?

Dr. Susan Biali Haas can help your people to show up for work (and life) with more energy, enthusiasm, engagement and better mental health.

Studies show that healthy, happy people create a more successful workplace environment and culture. They’re more engaged and less likely to burn out. Research also indicates that if your staff don’t have high levels of physical and emotional well-being, even if they’re highly engaged, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your best people.

I know I speak for everyone when I say that you inspired our minds and hearts from the inside out! We all walked away thinking of what we could do to shake things up.

Lindsay E. SwanManager, Corporate Events, Raymond James

Dr. Biali is a world-class speaker who completely wowed almost a thousand women at our 5th annual Woman of Worth event. She was hands-down the most powerful speaker of the day, inspiring the audience to rave reviews with her candor, humor and passion.

Christine AwramFounder, Woman of Worth (WOW) Events

About Dr. Biali Haas


Dr. Susan Biali Haas is an award-winning Medical Doctor who is an internationally recognized expert in stress management, burnout prevention and human resilience.

Dr. Biali Haas overcame burnout and depression at the beginning of her career, quickly becoming an internationally recognized influencer in health and well-being. With over two decades spent studying wellness and resiliency, eighteen years of clinical experience with thousands of patients, and more than ten years coaching clients worldwide, Dr. Biali Haas is exceptionally skilled at equipping people to live better lives.

As a popular blogger for Psychology Today, Dr. Biali Haas’ posts have attracted more than 7 million views.She has been featured on The Today Show and The Marilyn Denis Show, and her opinions have appeared in Oprah.com, Forbes, Fast Company, The Chicago Tribune, Self, Fitness, Health, Martha Stewart Living, People, InStyle, Elle, Prevention, The Washington Post, The New York Post and The Globe and Mail. 

She coaches a broad range of clients from around the world — from military leaders and senior executives to physicians and other health care professionals — to take control of their mental and physical health and live more impactful, meaningful lives.

Whether leading an intimate workshop or delivering a rousing keynote to thousands, Dr. Biali Haas shines as a passionate teacher. For over 15 years a variety of organizations, government agencies, associations, and universities have invited her to speak, spanning North America from Canada’s Yukon territory, across the U.S. and into Mexico.

Her clients include organizations such as TD Bank, Raymond James Financial, Rodan & Fields, Barron’s, the State of Georgia Department of Human Resources, the State of California Office of Child Abuse Prevention, Alcon, SunLife Financial and others. Dr. Biali Haas has been recognized as a Professional level member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Global Speaker’s Federation.

Excellent! Thought-provoking and with real solutions.

Camille BailerDirector, Laboratory Services, Alberta Health Services

A great, dynamic speaker – I was engaged and on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Helen Scott, RDDirector, Sales and Operations, Burlodge



Sample Speaking Video: Watch Dr. Biali Haas speak! 

Our Administrative Staff felt that Dr. Biali’s presentation was very motivating and that it gave them practical lessons to take away. Comments included ‘Absolutely Amazing’, ‘I loved listening to her’ and ‘We need more of this!”

Linda MeyersTraining and Development Officer, Justice Institute of B.C., Ministry of Public Safety




*keynote or extended workshop

Resilience is a measure of an individual’s capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. It is deep, enduring strength; the ability to hold fast through ups and downs and the endless stresses and strains of modern life. With her extensive evidence-based knowledge of physical and mental health, human well-being, behavioral psychology, and coaching principles, Dr. Susan Biali Haas is uniquely equipped to teach your group to fortify their minds, bodies and lives in a way that will sustain and even energize, as they navigate life’s challenges. Your group will learn:

  • Keys to recognizing, preventing and recovering from burnout
  • How to connect or reconnect with their passions
  • Simple yet powerful self-care strategies to improve mental and physical health and boost energy
  • Secrets of a resilient brain
  • Mind-body medicine tools that are quick, easy and proven to reduce stress
  • Fundamental skills and perspectives for creating work-life balance

Phenomenal! Inspiring, creative, honest – unlike any speaker I have heard previously.”

Alexis MillsAudience Member


*keynote or extended workshop

Dr. Biali Haas is uniquely equipped to help your group understand and improve their mental health: she has suffered from and conquered depression, anxiety and burnout, has diagnosed and treated a long list of medical patients, and has studied principles of positive psychology and wellness for over two decades.  She blogs for Psychology Today and has been interviewed by media across North America about the roots of depression and drug-free ways to create better mental health.   Your group will learn:

  • Tools and fresh perspectives to find more meaning and joy in work and life
  • Keys to recognizing, preventing and recovering from burnout
  • How to spot early warning signs of depression in themselves and their colleagues
  • Tips for approaching and helping a colleague who is struggling
  • Scientifically proven, drug-free strategies to boost their mood and balance their lives

I have known something was up with me, I know now that I need to see my doctor.  It is either burnout or depression, as I have many of the symptoms you discussed. It made me cry at the realization – thank you.

Anonymous Audience MemberSurrey Schools Staff Professional Development Day

The audience was captivated as Susan shared from her life experiences and education, in such a way that everyone in the audience could identify with her, while self-reflecting on their own lives.  Susan’s magic, her gift, is in her truthfulness.  That integrity IS inspirational and is what makes Susan such a dynamic and powerful speaker.

Teresa ShieldsConference Co-ordinator, Co-Director, Centro Mujeres Mexico


*keynote or extended workshop

Mindfulness is most purely defined as a state of being conscious or aware. In order to be maximally effective, a mindful leader must cultivate deep awareness of how to lead themselves, in addition to leading their people.

Drawing from almost three decades of study in the areas of health and wellness, positive psychology, personal development and workplace well-being, Dr. Biali Haas will teach your leaders how to harness the power of awareness across the spectrum of their personal and professional lives.

The goal: a sustainable shift in perspective, leading to consistent actions that promote long term well-being, resilience and performance in themselves and their teams. Your group will learn about:

  • Burnout: Definition, Signs/Symptoms/Risk Factors
  • Simple Work-Related Strategies to Increase Resilience and Engagement
  • Self-Care as a Key Discipline for Leaders
  • How to Enhance Productivity by Maximizing Sleep Quality
  • Exercise for Optimal Brain Health, Mental Health & Workplace Engagement
  • Mindfulness & Mind-Body Medicine: Understanding the Relaxation Response
  • Evidence-Based Mindful Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress/Heal Your DNA
  • Work/Life Balance: How to Find Time Where There is None & Prioritizing What Matters

We all need to reclaim our life and maximize our health – thanks for showing us the way.

Tena Peters, RDP & A Chair, HRABC

Dr. Susan Biali’s refreshing enthusiasm for life shines through in her presentations on life and wellness. I’ll never forget the day one of her seminars not only packed the room she was speaking in but drew an overflow crowd listening just as intently outside the door! Her inspiration is both engaging and infectious.

Rick CampbellEditor and Associate Publisher, The Medical Post


*ideal for an extended (60 min +) keynote or workshop, but can be tailored to fit a shorter time slot

Learn to make better choices that result in a healthier, more meaningful, sustainable life.  The result: your people will bring more energy, enthusiasm and impact to everything they do. In this invigorating and informative presentation, Dr. Biali Haas highlights key daily choices that help you shape a vibrant, healthier life that makes a difference.  You’ll learn how to:

  • resist external stress and pressures
  • protect yourself from burnout
  • prioritize your well-being
  • harness the power of nutrition
  • maximize brain health
  • protect key relationships
  • make time for what matters most

Susan is a breath of fresh air!  She has a natural ability as a speaker and facilitator to connect with everyone and engage her audience from the first moment to the last.  Her amazing life story is woven throughout her topic which makes you want to listen and pay attention to what’s next.  A rare and lovely woman who really practices what she preaches.

Debra KellySol Spirits Conference Planner, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Dr. Susan Biali was an incredibly engaging speaker for our staff.  Her principles of wellness and balance were presented in such a personal manner, making her ideas inspiring yet tangible. Her presentation received such positive feedback from our staff members – many told us that her words deeply resonated with them. Dr. Biali was an absolute pleasure to work with, we would love to have her speak to our staff again!

Ange CullenHealth and Wellness Program, UBC Land and Building Services

Partial Client List – Speaking Engagements

TD Wealth Management

Health 2.0 New York City (Physician Innovators)

State of Georgia Dept. of Human Resources / Div. of Public Health

Raymond James Financial

Barron’s Magazine & Conferences

Houston Healthcare

Rodan & Fields *SPARK* National Convention

SunLife Financial

LifeFest – A Life in Balance Expo  

Alberta Health Services

Shoppers Home HealthCare

The WOW (Women of Worth) Event

Fraser Health Authority

Colliers International 


The Integrative Health Institute, Mount Royal University

Canadian Mental Health Association 

Vancouver Coastal Health

University of British Columbia (Department of Paediatrics)

UBC Faculty of Medicine, Post-graduate Program in Family Practice

Nurse Next Door

Canadian Chiropractic Association

UBC Land and Building Services Health & Wellness Program

UBC Association of Administrative and Professional Staff

SFU Administrative and Professional Staff Association

SFU Faculty of Education

BC Lupus Society

Canfitpro Fitness Expo

Bio-K Plus

Justice Institute of British Columbia

Centro Mujeres Mexico



University Women’s Club

Chiropractic Association of Saskatchewan

The E-Women Network

Health Records Association of British Columbia

Vancouver Learning Assistance Teachers’ Association

Soroptomists International

BC Health Information Management Professionals Society

Developmental Disabilities Association

Syncrude Sport & Wellness Center/Keyano College

Douglas College

Rainbow School District

College of the Rockies

HAPPEN Executive Network

Real Estate Investment Network (REIN)

Dental Kaizen Clubs

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