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Watching the events over the last week, and learning so much about Michael Jackson’s life has made me reflect a lot about myself and my own life, and I imagine the coverage may have had the same effect on you.  Commentators frequently discussed how Jackson’s shy, reclusive personality (documented since he was a young child) contrasted with his outrageously impressive and even flamboyant ability to perform on and dominate the world stage.

This reminded me that I discovered about a year ago that I fit the personality characteristics of what’s offically called a “Highly Sensitive Person” – a person who is vulnerable to being overwhelmed by the chaos and overstimulation (noise, etc.) of normal life, and is frequently misunderstood or mislabeled as being shy or “weird”. A whopping 15-20% of the population share the characteristics of an “HSP”.  To learn more about this common personality/physiologic phenomenon, read the blog I wrote on this topic for PsychologyToday.com here.

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