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It’s hard to believe that my new book, The Resilient Life: Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout, & Strengthen Your Mental and Physical Health will be available worldwide in just 3 weeks! (October 25, 2022). I’m so excited to share a sneak peek at the first chapter…

Would you please read it and let me know what you think?

(click here to jump straight to the excerpt – and you can also leave a comment below!)

TRL’s origin story is an interesting one. I came up with the book proposal pre-pandemic (not knowing what was coming). How ironic and extremely appropriate that we then had to navigate the greatest resilience test the world has experienced since WWII?  Then my husband was in a catastrophic accident, while I was still working on developing the concept of the book. To find out what happened, you’ll have to read the excerpt :). I kept it all very private while it was happening, only the people closest to me (and my work colleagues and some of my clients and patients) knew about it.

In The Resilient Life, I share my story about the stress and overwhelm during those times, not to make you feel sorry for me, or to make it seem like I had it worse than others (I know that I did not, and talk about that too). No. I wanted to tell the story of one of the hardest seasons I have been through, to shine light on the truths that I have discovered through twenty years of medical experience, a decade of coaching and leadership consulting, and what feels like a lifetime of mental health advocacy.

Here’s what I would love for you to understand, to absorb into the depths of your cells:

We have so much personal power to determine our mental and physical health. But we tend to give that power to others, such as our physicians. Of course, doctors and other professionals are essential, but I want to give people – people like you –  the direct tools and knowledge that you can use to immediately improve your life.

I wrote this book for busy parents, professionals, and leaders, and for anyone who has experienced an intense negative impact from pandemic-related changes to their work and lives.

The last few years have impacted us all, and The Resilient Life is a designed to be a resource for you (along with The Resilient Life Workbook, which will be available as a free gift to everyone who gets the book). This book can equip you to thrive in multiple areas of your life: your work, your mental health, your physical health, your relationships, your ability to handle stress and crises, and your sense of purpose and meaning.

So….drum roll…here is the first chapter for you!

Click on this link to take a look: The Resilient Life – Excerpt

P.S. I have more exciting news for you! When you pre-order a copy of The Resilient Life from any store, you get a complimentary invitation to my virtual Book Launch Party, happening on October 26. Whether you’ve already ordered your copy, would like to learn more about the book, or want to see how to join the party, visit TheResilentLifeBook.com

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