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(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

With stresses in work and life at all-time highs, we need new ways of working and living. This session, based on evidence-based knowledge and strategies featured in Dr. Biali Haas’ new book The Resilient Life: Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout & Strengthen Your Mental and Physical Health, will equip you and your people to fortify your minds, bodies, lives and workplaces as we face today’s unprecedented challenges.

Your people will learn:

  • Keys to recognizing, preventing and recovering from burnout (can discuss factors at organizational, team and/or individual levels)

  • Strategies for managing high workloads

  • How to create work-life balance in ways that enhance both individual well-being and performance at work

  • Simple, powerful tools to improve mental and physical resilience and boost energy

  • The foundational elements of a resilient life and how to leverage these to enhance your own resilience

  • The importance of purpose and meaning for enhanced resilience and protection from burnout

  • A framework to prioritize (and find time for) what matters most in work and life

“An amazing presentation. Her ‘superpower’ is contextualizing important mental health concepts that can actually save careers, but more importantly, lives!”

AT & T Finance Rock Stars

“Your heartfelt and educated presentation provided tools that will be valued and shared for years to come.”



(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

With her extensive evidence-based knowledge of physical and mental health, human well-being, behavioral psychology, and coaching principles, Dr. Susan Biali Haas will teach your people key skills to help them navigate the ups and downs and endless stresses and strains of modern life.

Your group will learn:

  • Keys to recognizing, preventing and recovering from burnout
  • How to manage personality traits that create unnecessary stress

  • How to connect or reconnect with their passions

  • Simple yet powerful self-care strategies to improve mental and physical health and boost energy

  • Secrets and strategies for a more resilient brain

  • Mind-body medicine tools that are quick, easy and proven to reduce stress

  • Fundamental skills and perspectives for creating work-life balance

“Staff members that attended were deeply impacted and have shared how they have changed things in their lives due to your presentation. One manager commented: ‘Every social worker needs to hear Dr. Biali Haas.’”

Angela Ponivas | Chief, State of California Office of Child Abuse Prevention

“It was truly a pleasure to have had you at our event. Your presentation was eye opening and a lot of key points you touched upon hit home.”

TD Wealth Management | TD Speaker Series


(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

Dr. Biali Haas is uniquely equipped to help your group understand and improve their mental health: she has suffered from and conquered depression, anxiety and burnout, has diagnosed and treated a long list of medical patients, and has studied principles of positive psychology and wellness for over two decades. She blogs for Psychology Today and has been interviewed by media across North America about the roots of depression and drug-free ways to create better mental health.

Your group will learn:

  •  Tools and fresh perspectives to find more meaning and joy in work and life

  • Keys to recognizing, preventing and recovering from burnout

  • How to spot early warning signs of depression in themselves and their colleagues

  • Mental and physical symptoms of anxiety

  • Recognizing problematic anxiety vs. normal worrying

  • Tips for approaching and helping a colleague who is struggling

  • Workplace mental health strategies that work

  • Scientifically proven, drug-free strategies to boost their mood and balance their lives

“I have known that something was up with me, I know now that I need to see my doctor. It is either burnout or depression, as I have many of the symptoms you discussed. It made me cry with relief at the realization – thank you.”

Anonymous Audience Member | Surrey School District

“Our Administrative Staff felt that Dr. Biali Haas’s presentation was very motivating and that it gave them practical lessons to take away. Comments included ‘Absolutely Amazing’, ‘I loved listening to her’ and ‘We need more of this!”

Linda Meyers | Training and Development Officer, Justice Institute


(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

Learn to make better choices that result in a healthier, more meaningful, sustainable life. The result: your people will bring more energy, enthusiasm and impact to everything they do. In this invigorating and informative presentation, Dr. Biali Haas highlights key daily choices that help you shape a vibrant, healthier life that makes a difference.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand and protect yourself from burnout (signs/symptoms and risk factors)

  • Enhance the quality and quantity of your sleep

  • Harness the power of nutrition for maximal brain performance

  • Leverage movement to boost your brain and mood and reduce burnout

  • Maximize the benefits from your most important relationships

  • Intentionally incorporate joy to positively rewire your brain

  • Find time for what matters most

“The audience was captivated as Susan shared from her life experiences and education, in such a way that everyone in the audience could identify with her, while self-reflecting on their own lives. Susan’s magic, her gift, is in her truthfulness. That integrity IS inspirational and is what makes Susan such a dynamic and powerful speaker.”

Teresa Shields | Conference Coordinator, Co-Director, Centro Mujeres Mexico

“Phenomenal! Inspiring, creative, honest – unlike any speaker I have heard previously.”

Alexis Mills | Audience Member, WOW (Woman of Worth) Event


(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

In this inspiring keynote filled with evidence-based insights and tools, Dr. Biali Haas will detail the key factors that support the mental health, well-being and resilience of leaders. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the factors driving workplace and personal well-being, and be equipped with actionable goals and strategies that benefit you, your life, and your people.

You’ll learn about:

  • The cardinal signs and symptoms of burnout you may notice in yourself or others

  • Organizational and team-related drivers of chronic stress and burnout

  • Managing stress and overwhelm from high workloads

  • Boundary management strategies that improve personal well-being and work performance

  • Identification and management of personality factors that increase vulnerability to stress and burnout

  • Lifestyle practices that increase mental and physical resilience and energy

  •  A strategic framework to identify and protect key priorities in work and life

“In the attendee surveys we’ve received thus far, your keynote is getting the highest satisfaction ratings of any aspect of the event. You nailed it! People really enjoyed your presentation and, more importantly, got a lot of value from it.”

Quantum Health

“Thank you so much for your presentation. I am getting great feedback and participants plan to take back and share resources with their internal teams.”

Sara Gorman | Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services


(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

Mindfulness is most purely defined as a state of being conscious or aware. In order to be maximally effective, a mindful leader must cultivate deep awareness of how to lead themselves, in addition to leading their people. Drawing from almost three decades of study in the areas of health and wellness, positive psychology, personal development and workplace well-being, Dr. Biali Haas will teach your leaders how to harness the power of awareness across the spectrum of their personal and professional lives.

The goal: a sustainable shift in perspective, leading to consistent actions that promote long term well-being, resilience and performance in themselves and their teams.

Your group will learn about:

  • Burnout: Definition, Signs/Symptoms/Risk Factors

  • Simple Work-Related Strategies to Increase Resilience and Engagement

  • Self-Care as a Key Discipline for Leaders

  • How to Enhance Productivity by Maximizing Sleep Quality

  • Exercise for Optimal Brain Health, Mental Health & Workplace Engagement

  • Mindfulness & Mind-Body Medicine: Understanding the Relaxation Response

  • Evidence-Based Mindful Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress/Heal Your DNA

  • Work/Life Balance: How to Find Time Where There is None & Prioritizing What Matters

“Dr. Susan Biali Haas was an incredibly engaging speaker for our staff. Her principles of wellness and balance were presented in such a personal manner, making her ideas inspiring yet tangible. Her presentation received such positive feedback from our staff members – many told us that her words deeply resonated with them. Dr. Biali Haas was an absolute pleasure to work with, we would love to have her speak to our staff again!”

Ange Cullen | Health and Wellness Program, UBC Land and Building Services

“Excellent! Thought-provoking and with real solutions.”

Camille Bailer | Director, Laboratory Services, Alberta Health Services


(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

Dr. Biali Haas is more than just an expert in well-being. As a physician who experienced severe burnout, depression and trauma-related stress early in her training, and continued to navigate the challenges of almost two decades of front line work in healthcare, she brings a deep range of lived experience to the stage. In this very personal presentation, she combines deeply evocative storytelling with evidence-based practical solutions. Dr. Biali Haas will tailor the content to the unique needs and experiences of your audience, whether your group is composed of physicians, primary care providers, nurses, mental health professionals, family services providers, or any other type of healthcare-focused group.

This presentation will:

  • Share Dr. Susan’s personal story of provider burnout and mental health challenges while working in the front lines of healthcare

  • Increase awareness of provider burnout in healthcare, by sharing and reflecting on the lived experience of provider burnout

  • Illustrate how to recognize and overcome burnout and other mental health concerns in a healthcare context (can be individual or organizational perspective)

  • Recognize the increasing need to understand and acknowledge traumatic experiences in the line of duty

  • Motivate and provide insights on the importance of a mental health focus for healthcare providers

  • Help to shift the focus from stigma to support

  • Emphasize the importance of prioritizing well-being for healthcare professionals

“Your presentation on ‘Lived Experience: Provider Burnout and the Role of Self-Care’ was profound. Thank you for being so open about your experiences. We are grateful for your time and effort in sharing your expertise with the conference attendees and for sharing the day with us.”

Cindy VandyVyvere | Senior Planner, Critical Care Services of Ontario

“We all need to reclaim our life and maximize our health – thanks for showing us the way.”

Tena Peters | P & A Chair, HRABC


(note: all speaking topics are templates; titles and structure can be customized and content can be mixed/matched from other topics)

In this compelling, personal presentation based on her lived experience, Dr. Biali Haas delivers a message of hope and inspiration, paired with evidence-based tools for strength and healing from burnout, depression and trauma. It is suited for front line service providers and administrators/leaders who work in contexts that deal with mental illness


Your group will learn:

  • Dr. Biali Haas’ personal lived experience with depression, burnout and trauma
  • Key elements that build strength, mental wellness and resilience into organizations and communities
  • The importance of removing stigma around mental health challenges
  • How to define Mental Wellness and understand key factors that build this essential strength
  • The definition of Burnout, related risk factors and protective behaviors
  • Foundational, practical wellness habits that promote mental wellness and resilience
  • Mind-Body Medicine principles and practices that bring healing and increase well-being

“Susan is a breath of fresh air! She has a natural ability as a speaker and facilitator to connect with everyone and engage her audience from the first moment to the last. Her amazing life story is woven throughout her topic which makes you want to listen and pay attention to what’s next. A rare and lovely woman who really practices what she preaches.”

Debra Kelly | Sol Spirits Conference Planner, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico



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