Learn to Thrive at Work and in Life


Manage Stress, Prevent Burnout & Strengthen Your Mental and Physical Health

by Medical Doctor, Mental Health & Resilience Expert
Dr. Susan Biali Haas MD

You’ll Discover

  • Simple strategies, tools, and tips to help you reduce stress, fortify your mental health, and increase your available energy for work and life
  • Easy neuroscience-based techniques that can “rewire” your brain, reduce stress hormones, decrease anxiety, and help restore your sense of calm and control
  • How to reconnect with and make time for what matters most, allowing you to reclaim meaning, purpose, and passion in your life
  • Real-life, evidence-based strategies for resilience that go beyond the usual superficial self-help advice… and much more

“If you’re struggling with burnout or looking to build your resilience, this book is it! It’s jam-packed with practical guidance, science-based insight, and actionable changes we can make to develop our resilience and “life proof” our health and well-being.”

Dr. Merry Lin PhD

Clinical Psychologist, Author and Podcaster of The Fully Lived Life

The Resilient Life Empowers You

The world is experiencing unprecedented levels of burnout, stress, and mental health challenges.

The inevitable fallout: poorer health, chronic exhaustion, strained relationships, and decreased satisfaction at work.

I’m Dr. Susan Biali Haas, M.D., and I wrote this book for anyone who is struggling to find their footing. As a physician, executive coach, and leading expert on mental health and burnout, I’ve been there.

Early in my medical career, I experienced depression, burnout, and trauma which led me to my life’s purpose: helping as many people as possible, worldwide, to experience better mental health and well-being.

I filled the book with easy-to-apply tips, straight-talking advice, practical wisdom, case studies, and personal stories.

The Resilient Life empowers you to break the cycle of overwhelm and exhaustion by using simple, science-based shifts that restore joy, health, and meaning to your work and life.

I hope you’ll love it.

Dr. Susan

Highly recommend. Educational and inspiring.

Dr. Cary Wing, EdD, FACSM, CHC

Lifestyle Medicine Advocate

from The Resilient Life

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